Thursday, February 18, 2010

Saving your work

Thank you for your kind iTunes App Store reviews.  Please keep them coming.  You'll see a number of improvements in the next version of PotholeSnitch.

One commenter suggested that tagged points do not persist if one exits the app before reporting them.  I have considered this issue.  Unfortunately, simple persistence may not be a satisfactory solution for all users.   If one drives some distance from the original tagged points, the old points' reports will be lumped together with new points, possibly in a different municipal authority area.   That may not be what you intended.  In any case, I'll try to address this issue in a future version of the Snitch.

In the meantime, here's a workaround:

1) Before exiting the Snitch, enter "Report!"
2) Edit the email by typing something - anything - in the message body. A space is sufficient.
3) Press the Cancel button.    
4) You will be prompted with a Save/Don't Save/Cancel dialogue.  Choose Save.

This approach will save your email in the drafts folder, and in essence, your points are saved.  You can enter your email account and forward the message from your drafts folder at a later time.  Note that when you cancel a message, your tagged points are not erased from the map when the email page is dismissed, so be aware that you may send duplicate reports.

I am reading your comments and am always open to enhancement requests.

Keep Snitching,



  1. Great idea for an app and I've d/l it and given it a go but it definitely needs some form of saving pins on a map for later notification. I plan on compiling a db of local area, something that can't be done in one go. The ability to revisit a partially completed map would be so much more useful than just the current "hit and report" method currently available. If only so I can see what has already been covered on one map.

    Look forward to you being to address this issue.

  2. Downloaded it, it says you can fine tune the pin but Mine just wont budge, am I missing something?

  3. Try holding the pinhead for about one second. A balloon pop-up describing the location should appear. Without lifting your finger, drag the pin.

    The iPhone system requires this momentary delay so it can determine whether you intend to adjust the pin, or the map itself.